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Sweater Surgery

A few years ago I knit this beautiful Aran sweater for my husband.  My daughter modeled it for a picture:    It is the Staghorn Aran by Janet Szabo.  The problem is that it’s a few inches too short in … Continue reading

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Stitch n Pitch!

Originally posted on FogKnits:
Last night was the annual Stitch n Pitch game for the SF Giants!  It was simultaneously perfect (the Giants won!  First time in a couple years!) and absolutely dreadful (I ran out of yarn before the…

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  Meet Opal, my angora bunny. She is so soft and fluffy!  She is the source of all my angora yarn I’ve been spinning. I just pluck it off her and she doesn’t seem to mind.  I got her last fall, … Continue reading

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Tour de Fleece

As the cyclists were riding toward Paris in the Tour de France, spinners around the world were challenging themselves toward individual spinning goals.  My goal was 15 minutes per day, but I think I beat that by quite a bit. … Continue reading

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Welcome to Flecks of Fiber

Welcome to the blog!  Thanks for stopping by. My name is Jenn and I’m addicted to all things fiber.  I started knitting around 2008 and I haven’t stopped yet.  Although it really goes back much further than that.  Growing up … Continue reading

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